10PA and 11PA – Live Theatre Review Reminders

You need to log onto digitaltheatreplus.com

Re-watch ‘Things I know to be True’

Look closely at the resources: https://franticassembly.co.uk/resources

Then complete the word document:

Exemplar live theatre review notes updated



Mrs Cullis and Mrs Bradbury Closure work

Yr. 7A and 7B Mrs Cullis’ AND Mrs. Bradbury’s Sets : Victorian Literature Television Work

You have been asked to write a new documentary about either:

  • Children’s Literature in the Victorian Period
  • The plight of children during the Victorian Period.

This document will be read by an actor over the visual film produced by another department. Their job will be to find suitable material to illustrate your writing. You need to be sure to deliver, wherever possible:

  • Facts and dates (including important historical events such as the Industrial Revolution)
  • A variety of information on the different writers/roles and jobs performed by children

You can use books and computers to aid your research as necessary but must not copy and paste please!

Yr. 8BX and 8C ‘Frankenstein’ Work

Write a Radio Script, where you interview Captain Walton. In it you should:

  • Name your programme (e.g. ‘Guest of the week’, ‘You Wouldn’t Believe It!’ etc.)
  • Introduce your guest to the listeners, explaining who he is and why you have invited him to the studio.
  • Set it out as you would a play and include studio directions
  • Ask all the questions you do not feel are covered by the text and make sure you get a full account of what he saw.
  • You might ask the audience to respond by Twitter or on the programme’s website to give their opinions and response to what they have heard.
  • Thank your guest and finish appropriately as the programme ends.

Be sure to use accurate spelling, a variety of punctuation and studio directions to enable your speakers to follow your directions as the producer.

Yr. 9 BX

Design a Knowledge Organiser for Dystopian Literature. Use colour to separate the different areas in it and you should:

  • Name some of the novels and poems we have read extracts from and include others referred to
  • List features which are common to these ( i.e forces, political parties, control groups etc.)
  • Mention language devices which you have observed used for effect
  • List the contexts used (environment, period, etc.)
  • Comment on the age these texts appeal to
  • Any other details you feel relevant

Year 11 Revision Resources – Literature

A few of you have asked for some additional revision tasks.  I have put a few for each literature topic below.

AQA English Literature

P&C Poetry:

Power and Conflict Challenge Grids

Unseen Poetry:

Unseen Poetry Guide

AQA LitP2C Unseen poetry war

AQA LitP2C Unseen poetry love

AQA LitP2C Unseen poetry childhood

An Inspector Calls

AIC Revision Tasks

Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde Revision Tasks

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol Revision Exercise

ACC revision tasks


Macbeth- Short Revision Activities