Year 10 Mocks – What you need to know

mock before you rock

You will sit paper 1 of Edexcel English Language.

  • Fiction and imaginative writing is the shorter of the two papers and worth 40% of the overall GCSE English language qualification.This paper covers the 19th century and fiction requirement of the criteria.
  • All students will read the same text and will show their understanding of the text by responding to short questions which ask for close textual analysis and longer questions which will assess their overall understanding of the text and how the writer creates effects.
  • There is also a creative writing question in this paper which assesses your technical accuracy and skills in writing.  The theme of the creative writing will linked to the theme of the 19th century fiction.
  • The Exam is 1 hour 45 minutes.

Timings and suggested order to answer the questions:

  1. Read all of the questions first.
  2. Then, spend 10-15 minutes reading the extract.  Keep in mind question 4 as you do so and annotate anything that is immediately obvious.
  3. Then complete Q5 or Q6, the writing task; this is worth 40 marks and therefore you should spend a good amount of time on it.
  4. Then complete Q4, Q3, then Q1 & Q2.

The Questions and the skills assessed.

  • Question 1 – Recall.  You simply have to find the correct piece of information in the specified lines to receive one mark.
  • Question 2 – Inferences. You need to make two inferences from the specified lines to gain two marks.
  • Question 3 – Analysis of Language and Structure.  You need to analyse how elements of language and structure are used to create effects in the specified lines for 6 marks.  Make sure that you analyse both language and structure.
  • Question 4 – Evaluation.  You need to evaluate how successfully something is done across the whole text.  E.g. Evaluate how tension is created in the extract. This question is difficult.

Question 4 – process below:

1.Read the Question – this will tell you what specific aspect of the text you need to evaluate.

2.Read the text – Identify key ideas, events, themes and settings that relate to the question. How and why are they used to create effects.

3.Annotate quotations.

4.Plan your answer – use inference to explain and evaluate the effects.

5.Write your answer – make sure you make a judgement on how well the focus has been achieved. Explain your ideas in detail and support them with evidence.

  • Question 5 or 6 – Creative Writing – don’t answer both! Ensure that it is creative and you focus on the skills of excellent writing: punctuation; descriptive techniques to interest the reader, for example similes, metaphors, personification, show don’t tell;  correct spelling;  tense management; connectives to link ideas; creative vocabulary; an opening that grabs the reader’s attention; an ending is also interesting – cliff hanger, twist, description etc.



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