Active Verbs to use in Analysis

For Question 4 in particular you need to evaluate why a writer has used something, in other words judge why it is effective. Below are a list of words that you can use to help you do this.

Active Verbs to use during analysis:

Advises         Affects        Alludes to       Argues       Builds      Clarifies        Confirms        Connotes        Constructs       Criticises       Conveys     Demonstrates       Denotes        Depicts        Describes        Determines        Displays       Encourages         Emphasises       Establishes       Examines         Exemplifies        Expands       Explains        Explores         Exposes     Foreshadows       Foretells        Highlights        Hints       Illustrates       Impacts        Implies        Indicates        Informs           Introduces       Manifests       Narrates       Persuades       Portrays        Presents       Refers        Relates         Remarks        Represents      Reveals          Signifies        Symbolises       Suggests        Supports     Typifies


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