9A spellings

To Kill a Mockingbird – Vocabulary Spellings


  1. Abolition – The act of formally putting an end to a system or practice.
  2. Alabama – A state in the south east of the USA.
  3. Atticus Finch – Father of Jem and Scout; a lawyer; kind, honest and fair.
  4. Bildungsroman – A ‘coming of age’ story that focuses on the growth of the protagonist from child to adult.
  5. Boo Radley – A misunderstood recluse who has been shut away for much of his life.
  6. Calpurnia – The well-educated black cook who works for the Finch family; she is firm but kind.
  7. Caste system – The division of people into groups that have particular privileges and functions within society.
  8. Civil rights – Entitlement to political and social freedom and equality.
  9. Compassion – Sympathy or concern for the suffering of others.
  10. Courage – The ability to face something frightening; bravery.

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