#Studentblogs – Review by Sophie F 8F of Gangsta Granny – David Walliams

Gangsta Granny – David Walliams

Something that I enjoyed about the book was that I liked the little boy (the main character) who didn’t want to stay with his Granny.  He thought she was boring and ‘smelled like cabbage soup’, but the granny was keeping a big secret from the little boy.  It all started when she told him to go and find something in the kitchen and he found jewels …

The book is really exciting and teaches you important lessons.  For example it is trying to teach you to respect your family for who they are.  Some children don’t respect the love and care from their family and think it is weird to hang out with your grandparents.  It isn’t weird at all because they might not be around for much longer.

Something that I disliked from the book was the sad ending.  SPOILER ALERT! It made me cry which you might think is ridiculous, but the book was really touching.

By Sophie F – 8F




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