10A HW – Spellings and Quotations Task

Spellings:  ENSURE that you have found definitions for them. Due Wednesday 2nd Nov

  1. ignominiously,
  2. genteel,
  3. rumination,
  4. felicitous,
  5. reverence,
  6. avarice,
  7. brazen,
  8. cynical,
  9. debase,
  10. enmity

Quotations task – see below: Due Monday 31st October

Choose either Jekyll, Hyde or Utterson

-Choose a symbol, image or shape that best describes your character.

-Create a display of quotations using this shape.

-Think carefully about the colours and design

-Pick key quotations and create a display using them.

For example: Fingerprints are unique to everyone and can be used to represent the basics of humanity. The idea that a human may not be completely human scared the Victorians. Stevenson preys on this fear in his novel. You could make Mr Hyde’s Fingerprint distinctive to show his supernatural ways?




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