11D Homework and English Language Help

Complete Question 3 and 4 of the language exam.  The exam is attached below if you lose your copy.


See the sentence starters below:

The Language of Evaluation

STATEMENT that answers the question: One aspect used by the writer to … create tension/ build horror/ create excitement/ a sense of disbelief is…. (Settings/characters/events in the story/ themes)

QUOTATION to support: This is illustrated in the quotation / It says…/ The protagonist says…/ This can be seen when…/The phrase ‘…’ makes this clear/ This is demonstrated when…/ Evidence of this can be found when…’/ ‘A phrase that conveys this is…’

Analyse the quotation:

  • ‘It conveys the sense that….’
  • the impact of this sentence/description is…
  • this makes the reader think of…
  • This suggests that…
  • ‘It conveys the sense that….’
  • ‘This gives the impression that …’
  • This will make the reader think/feel …

Develop why the feature mentioned builds tension/ builds horror/ creates mystery etc.

  • this makes the reader believe in the story because…
  • as the reader reads this part, they are made to feel…because…
  • the reader is shocked/surprised by…
  • this is effective in creating a sense of X because…
  • The reader can recognise how the character must feel when…
  • the writer makes the character seem…
  • ‘Sympathetic readers may feel… Whereas cynical readers may feel…’

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