Year 10 Mocks – What you need to know

Remember this stuff for tomorrow.

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mock before you rock

You will sit paper 1 of Edexcel English Language.

  • Fiction and imaginative writing is the shorter of the two papers and worth 40% of the overall GCSE English language qualification.This paper covers the 19th century and fiction requirement of the criteria.
  • All students will read the same text and will show their understanding of the text by responding to short questions which ask for close textual analysis and longer questions which will assess their overall understanding of the text and how the writer creates effects.
  • There is also a creative writing question in this paper which assesses your technical accuracy and skills in writing.  The theme of the creative writing will linked to the theme of the 19th century fiction.
  • The Exam is 1 hour 45 minutes.

Timings and suggested order to answer the questions:

  1. Read all of the questions first.
  2. Then, spend 10-15 minutes reading the extract.  Keep in…

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