Grammar Homework Sheet Year 7, Week 3 – Present Tense

Grammar rules this week: Present tense

Most verbs do not change when you are forming the present tense.

When you are using I you use the verb as it is e.g. I hate sausages.

When you are using He, She or It, you would add an s to the verb e.g. He hates sausages. She hates sausages. It hates sausages.

There are two verbs you have to be really careful with to be and to have. Again, He/She and It is different.

  to be to have
I I am waiting. I have eaten.
We We are waiting. We have eaten.
They They are waiting. They have eaten.
You You are waiting You have eaten.
He/She/It is He /She/It is waiting. He/She/It has eaten.

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