7C Spellings

Spelling patterns this week: ck, nk, ng and other digraph words

Relevant spelling guidelines:

  1. When adding ‘ing’ to words that end in a consonant, we have to double up the consonant.
  2. We use ‘ck’ for the ‘k’ sound if the following letter is e, i or y. ‘ck’ ALWAYS comes after a short vowel.
  3. In ‘-ank’, ‘-ink’, ‘-onk’ and ‘-unk’ words, the vowel is short.
  4. A ‘digraph’ is two letters that represent one sound such as ‘thumb


  1. Blanket
  2. Bringing
  3. Fright
  4. Freight
  5. Neighbour
  6. Running
  7. Thumb
  8. Which
  9. Winning
  10. Cracker

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