#studentblogs -The Midnight Gang Review – Ben 8B



Midnight is the time where most children are asleep, except of course for… the midnight gang! That is when there adventures are just beginning…

The novel is set in the Lord Funt Hospital, the main character is Tom. He is a normal 12 year old child who goes to a posh boarding school because his parents are always moving from country to country. You are probably wondering how he ended up in hospital, well he was playing cricket on a bright summers day at his school. Tom never really liked sport so every time Tom played cricket he would pray that he did not get picked for batting and would stand at the boundary when fielding. He had never seen anyone… not anyone hit the ball to the boundary, one time when he was fielding he was daydreaming, as usual, and the sporty wonder kid in his class walloped the cricket ball and it soared through the sky on to toms head. When Tom woke up he found himself in a bumpy trolley scooting down a gloomy hallway.

The Children Ward

Tom was sent to the children ward at his time in the hospital. He looked up and saw a filthy man pushing his bed, he absolutely reeked. It too a good 5 minutes to get to the children’s ward. The ding of an elevator alarmed through Tom’s head, when tom looked up again it read 46 on the elevator. The ward was small with only 4 patients Amber( broken legs and arms ), Robin( he can’t see a thing), George( a fat cockney) and now of course tom. There was a matron in the ward, at first she looked nice but oh how wrong was tom. Tom was rushed to hospital so he had not brought anything, the matron made him wear a pink frilly night dress. Every night George would scoff down a whole tin of sweets , well he tried to. The first night tom slept he heard a noise of wrappers scrunching, it was George eating sweets. The matron spotted George, took the sweets and started eating them. Little did she know that these were filled with sleeping toxins.

That night was the start

When the matron was fully asleep the children crept out of the ward. They went on an adventure. Every night after this they crept out of the ward, every minute of their adventure they enjoyed. One night they got caught they all had punishments and extra supervision was needed. One day they planned that they would escape. In the end they fulfilled their dream and escaped


I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone. I got this book because I have read almost all of David walliams’ books, I have enjoyed everyone of them. I would give this book a 5/5 rating.



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