Grammar – Year 9, Week 5

Contractions with apostrophes

Revise the following from Year 7…

Apostrophes show where a letter is missing in a contraction.

For instance, when do not is contracted to don’t, we use the apostrophe where the o is missing.

Other examples:

you have = you’ve

we are = we’re

cannot = can’t

I am = I’m

They are = they’re

Does not = doesn’t

I have = I’ve

Things to watch out for:

The contraction of I would and I had is the same:

I would = I’d   I would like to go.     I’d like to go.

I had = I’d I had no chance against her.    I’d no chance against her.

Let’s is a contraction of Let us e.g. Let us go home is normally said and written Let’s go home.

Lets without an apostrophe means allows e.g. She lets us use our phones for research.

Final point on apostrophes:

The important thing to remember is that you never use apostrophes for plurals, which some people do by mistake e.g. I have twelve apple’s.


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