Year 8 Grammar Week 5: Hyphens

Year 8 Week 5: Hyphens

Hyphens look very similar to the dash but they are not the same. A hyphen is used to join words or parts of words together.

  1. a) They can be used to join a prefix to a root word where the root word begins with the same letter as the prefix ends with:

e.g.   co-own     re-enter

  1. b) They can also be used to join a prefix to a root word that would have a capital letter e.g.

pro-French                       post-Tudor                           pre-Elizabethan

  1. c) You also need hyphens to link words together where the meaning might otherwise be unclear.

For instance,

A man eating squid.                        Would mean that a man was eating a squid!

A man-eating squid.                      Would be describing a squid that eats people!

  1. d) You would also use them to join words that rely on each other to make sense.

For instance,

A three-year-old child

A used-car salesman

Other examples:








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