Year 7 Grammar – Paragraphs

Year 7, Week 6: Paragraphs

We need to divide our writing into paragraphs to make it easier for our reader to follow our ideas by showing where new points or ideas begin.

There is an easy way to remember when we should change paragraph:


Time Place Topic Person

TIME: We start a new paragraph when we are changing the time that we are writing about. This could be in a story or an essay.

……. He slumped on his desk and listened to the voice on the documentary until he might as well have been asleep.

            Later that day, in the comfort of his own home, he thought again about what had happened…

This writer has started a new paragraph in his/her story because they are writing about events that happened later.


PLACE: We start a new paragraph when we are changing the place we are writing about.


 In Germany in 1933, Hitler came to power and all other political parties were banned. Communist and Socialist party members were arrested and the Nazis began to build concentration camps to deal with other political opponents.

In 1930s Russia, however,…….


TOPIC: We start a new paragraph when we are changing the topic we are writing about or make a new point.

PERSON: We start a new paragraph when we are changing the person we are writing about. OR when we change speaker.


Mr Birling is the character with whom we feel least sympathy. He represents industrial leaders and the older generation and demonstrates no empathy for others. His attitudes throughout the play embody everything that Priestly wishes to criticise.

Mrs Birling, like her husband, shows little sympathy in the play. She believes that reputation and social status are more important than helping people in need….


Ian walked round to his local shop to get some fresh air. “Hello,” he greeted the shopkeeper.

“Alright,” was the reply.

“Just this, thanks,” Ian said as he placed the milk in the counter.


“Just a minute,…” Ian fumbled for change, a little put off by the woman’s abrupt manner.


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