8B Homework – Due: Wednesday 17th May

Create a fact sheet or leaflet about what you have learnt so far…

Your work must include:

  • Clear headings
  • Paragraphs
  • Full sentences
  • Pictures/drawings
  • Information about what Gothic literature is (lesson 1)
  • Information about each author (lesson 2)
  • Information about what these people wrote

Sentence Starters:

Gothic literature is…

Common features of the Gothic genre are…

(name) was born in (place name and date).

Their parents were…

At the time, people believed…

In (date), they married…

One key event from their life is…

They died on (date) because of…

Their most famous piece of work is (novel), which they wrote in (date)…

This novel is about…

The idea came to them when…

See the linked documents below:

Market Place documents (all)

Y8 Factfile Homework


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