11A and 11B Reading Homework Due 8th January

1 -Story of the Door

2 – Search for Mr Hyde

Read Chapter 1 and 2 of Jekyll and Hyde.

Task 1: Summarise the two chapters using the plot fill.

Chapter 1 – Summary

Mr Utterson is a dull but ‘loveable’ lawyer who people get help from when they are in __________ He is friends with a cousin, Enfield, and goes on regular walks with him on Sundays. One Sunday, they pass a dirty __________ in a poor area. Enfield tells Utterson a story about the door and the man who lives behind it. He says he saw a small, revolting man __________ a small __________ of eight at 3am in the morning. A crowd, led by Enfield, confronted the man and forced him to pay __________ in compensation. The man gave them a cheque which we learn at the very end of the chapter was signed by __________   __________ a very __________ person: no one believed that the cheque was __________ but later found out it was. Utterson is worried that Jekyll is being __________ by Mr Hyde.

Chapter 2: Summary

Mr Utterson, the lawyer, is troubled by the __________ that Henry Jekyll has written because it hands everything over to __________ if Jekyll dies or disappears for more than three months. Utterson visits Dr. Lanyon, a friend of Jekyll’s, to find out more, but discovers that Lanyon has __________ __________ with Jekyll over the ‘unscientific’ experiments Jekyll has been conducting. That night, Utterson suffers from nightmares. In one nightmare, he sees the figure of the man who trampled on the girl, and in another nightmare, the same figure approaches the sleeping Jekyll and makes Jekyll do what he wants. This figure has no __________ . On waking, Utterson is determined to find out what Hyde looks like so he spends his spare time standing by the door where Hyde lives. Eventually, one night, Hyde arrives and Utterson asks to look at his face: Hyde shows him it and then gives Utterson his __________ . Utterson realises that Hyde is thinking about the will and is frightened for Jekyll. When he goes to visit Jekyll, we realise something Utterson has known for a while – that the house that Hyde lives in is actually the laboratory attached to the back of Jekyll’s house. Utterson finds that Jekyll is out, and learns from the butler, Poole, that Hyde has a __________ to Jekyll’s laboratory and the servants have orders to __________ him. Utterson leaves feeling very worried that Hyde is blackmailing Jekyll.

Task 2: Consolidation of Understanding – Answer these as fully as possible using quotations to support your understanding as far as possible

Chapter 1 questions:

  1. What type of person is Mr Utterson?
  2. Why do Enfield and Utterson go for a walk together every Sunday?
  3. What was of interest about the door that Enfield tells the story about?
  4. What did the door look like? What is the significance of the door?
  5. Why and how did the crowd manage to get Hyde to write the girl’s family a cheque? What was odd about the cheque?
  6. What is strange about Mr Hyde, according to Enfield?

Chapter 2 questions:

  1. Why is Utterson so upset about Jekyll’s will?
  2. Why does Utterson visit Lanyon? Why has Lanyon lost interest in Jekyll as a scientist?
  3. What is Utterson worried about and what does he dream about?
  4. What steps does Utterson take to find Mr Hyde?
  5. Why does Hyde accuse Utterson of lying to him?
  6. Why does Utterson visit Jekyll immediately after seeing Hyde?
  7. Why is Utterson even more worried about Jekyll at the end of the chapter?




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