Reading homework- Mrs. Halls- 9E- Due Thursday 18th October 2018

Read through the character list from the Knowledge Organiser about ‘A Christmas Carol’. Then select three characters you like the most and write a character summary for each including the reasons you like them and why.


9A Homework – Revision of Stave 1

Your task is to revise stave one by answering the mini questions on the sheet.

You will need to read back through the stave to answer them.

If you do not have your own copy of the text, you can read the novel online by clicking the link below:

Spelling Homework-Mrs Bradbury- 9BY- Due Monday 24th September 2018

Learn the following spellings and their meanings for a test:

  1. intimation- a suggestion
  2. morose- a bleak outlook  or attitude
  3. impropriety- something improper or inappropriate
  4. resolute- a determined outlook
  5. homage- to pay public respect or honour something
  6. ominous- to give an impression of doom or imply bad things will happen
  7. facetious-to treat something serious with a deliberate lack of care
  8. solitude- to be alone
  9. misanthropic- disliking people in general and having an anti-social bad attitude
  10. phenomenon-a fact or situation which is unexplained