Year 10 – An Inspector Calls Revision

Key Knowledge and Revision:

AIC Revision Tasks

An Inspector Calls Revision Teaching Power Point


Other revision:


Year 11 Revision Sessions with Mrs Pearson next week.

Monday Lunch: Unseen Poetry (open to all)
Tuesday Lunch: An Inspector Calls (11D only)
Wednesday Lunch: Macbeth Extract analysis
Thursday Before School: P&C Poetry (open to all – bring your anthologies)
Thursday Lunch: Macbeth Key Knowledge (open to all)
Thursday after school: No revision 3:30-4pm due to Grease auditions
Friday Lunch: Jekyll and Hyde Key Knowledge (11B, 11D, and 11E)
Please ask your English teacher for any other sessions taking place.
Mrs P.

10A Homework – Critical Theory

Challenge 9 – Critical Theory AIC

Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4Photo 5Photo 6Photo 7Photo 8Photo 9Photo 10Photo 11Marxism study question:

  • The play is a symbolic confrontation between socialism and capitalism, where neither philosophy emerges triumphant. Discuss.

Psychoanalyst and Feminism study question:

  • The play is actually about male lust and the sexual exploitation of the weak by the powerful. Discuss.

Use the PowerPoint to help you and the photos.


An Inspector Calls – Useful Revision Links

Useful websites:

BBC Bitesize:

Youtube context documentary:

Mr Bruff analysis of stage directions:



Umbrella revision:

Andrew Moore’s revision guide:


10A – Homework – Due Wednesday 29th March

Task 1: Due Wednesday 29th March.

  • Choose three events from the list in your book, and justify why you have placed them where you have, on your tension graph!
  • Remember there is no right or wrong answer – as long as you can justify it – it’s fine!

Spellings –  Due Wednesday 29th March

  1. Allegory
  2. Assonance
  3. Caesura
  4. Consonance
  5. Denouement
  6. Enjambment
  7. Euphony
  8. Metaphor
  9. Onomatopoeia
  10. Sibilance

10A Homework – Due Monday

  1. Brusque
  2. Callous
  3. Coerce
  4. Gratuitous
  5. Incisive
  6. Obsequious
  7. Repudiate
  8. Salient
  9. Morose
  10. Diligent

Not only do you need to know these for the spelling test on Monday, but you also need to know how to use them in your writing.

1 – Find definition and record in your books.

2 – Use in a sentence in relation to the text.

Diligent – __________

Example – The Inspector could be seen as going about his work in a diligent manner, as he was very particular in ensuring that only one character saw the photograph at a time.