11A Revision/catch up Powerpoint requests

Lesson 8 – Act 3, S1+2

Lesson 9 – Banquo’s Ghost

Lesson 10 – End of Act 3 and Act 4, Scene 1

Lesson 11 – Act 5, Scene 1

Power and Conflict



10Bx and 10By Quotation HW


‘An Inspector Calls’ quote search – Act 1

Find a quotation (or two) from the text to support the following points/ideas. Examine each one for language, structure and links to context.

  1. Mrs Birling’s views on a woman’s role in society.
  2. Mr Birling’s feelings on having Gerald as a son-in-law.
  3. How Mr Birling sees himself (repeated).
  4. Mr Birling’s predictions.
  5. Hints that there may be trouble ahead (dramatic irony).
  6. Mr Birling’s views on an individual’s role in society.
  7. Mr Birling’s opinion of socialism.
  8. Inspector Goole’s description of Eva’s death (repeated).
  9. Mr Birling’s justification of sacking Eva.
  10. Gerald’s comments on what Mr Birling did to Eva.


10BX and 10BY Spellings – Due Wednesday 31st January

The following spellings are important vocabulary for your study of An Inspector Calls.

Please find out the meaning, write out the definition and if possible suggest how it links for AIC from your study so far.

  1. Omniscient
  2. Hypocrisy
  3. Portentous
  4. Vindictive
  5. Misogyny
  6. Infantilsied
  7. Business
  8. Responsibility
  9. Unsympathetic
  10. Haughty

11C, D and E Reading Homework – Due Monday 8th January

Stave 1

Re-read stave 1 of A Christmas Carol.

Task 1: Write a Summary of Stave One: Marley’s GhostOn a foggy __________________ in London, a shrewd, mean-spirited cheapskate named Ebenezer Scrooge works meticulously in his counting-house. Outside the office creaks a little sign reading “__________________”. Jacob Marley, Scrooge’s business partner, has died seven years previous. Inside the office, Scrooge watches over his clerk, a poor man named Bob Cratchit. The smoldering ashes in the fireplace provide little heat even for Bob’s __________________ room. Despite the harsh weather Scrooge refuses to pay for another lump of __________________ to __________________ the office.

Suddenly, a ruddy-faced young man bursts into the office offering holiday greetings: “Merry Christmas!”. The young man is Scrooge’s jolly __________________ Fred who has stopped by to invite Scrooge to Christmas dinner. The grumpy Scrooge responds with a “Bah! Humbug!” refusing to share in Fred’s Christmas __________________. After Fred departs, a pair of portly gentlemen enters the office to ask Scrooge for a charitable __________________ to help the poor. Scrooge angrily replies that prisons and __________________ are the only charities he is willing to support and the gentlemen leave empty-handed. Scrooge confronts Bob Cratchit, __________________ about Bob’s wish to take a day off for the holiday. He begrudgingly agrees to give Bob a day off but insists that he arrive at the office all the earlier the next day.

Scrooge follows the same old routine, taking dinner in his usual __________________ and returning home through the dismal, fog-blanketed __________________ streets. Just before entering his house, the __________________ on his front door, catches his attention. A ghostly image in the curves of the knocker gives the old man a momentary __________________: it is the peering face of Jacob Marley! When Scrooge takes a second look, he sees nothing but a doorknocker. With a disgusted “Pooh-pooh,” Scrooge opens the door and trudges into his bleak quarters. He makes little effort to brighten his home: “__________________” is cheap, and Scrooge liked it”. As he plods up the wide staircase, Scrooge, in utter disbelief, sees a locomotive hearse climbing the stairs beside him.

After rushing to his __________________, Scrooge locks the door behind him and puts on his dressing gown. As he eats his __________________ before the fire, the carvings on his __________________ suddenly transform into images of Jacob Marley’s face. Scrooge, determined to dismiss the strange visions, blurts out “Humbug!”. All the bells in the room fly up from the tables and begin to __________________ sharply. Scrooge hears footsteps thumping up the stairs. A ghostly figure floats through the closed door – Jacob Marley, transparent and bound in chains.

Scrooge shouts in disbelief, __________________ to admit that he sees __________________ ghost–a strange case of food poisoning, he claims. The ghost begins to murmur: he has spent __________________ years wandering the Earth in his heavy __________________ as punishment for his sins. The ghost tells Scrooge that he has come from beyond the grave to save him from this very fate. He says that Scrooge will be __________________ by __________________ spirits over the next three nights – the first __________________ appearing at one o’clock in the morning and the final spirit arriving at the last stroke of midnight. He rises and backs toward the window, which opens almost magically, leaving a trembling Scrooge __________________ with fear. The ghost __________________ to Scrooge to look out the window, and Scrooge complies. He sees a throng of spirits, each bound in chains. They __________________ about their failure to lead honourable, caring lives and their __________________ to reach out to others in need as they and Marley disappear into the mist. Scrooge stumbles to his bed and falls instantly asleep.



three doorknocker ring white


two Marley’s tiny wail
darkness gruel inability room




visited tavern warm nephew


complaining cheer Christmas Eve donation


mantelpiece gestures Scrooge & Marley refusing

Task 2: Questions – Answer in full sentences using evidence from the text wherever possible.

  1. Who is Jacob Marley?
  2. Who is Bob Cratchit?
  3. Scrooge is a solitary as an… – What technique is this? What does it suggest about Scrooge in stave one?
  4. Who are the charitable gentlemen collecting for?
  5. What does Scrooge want to decrease? Which historical figure does this relate to?
  6. What is Marley weighed down by?
  7. What does Marley say was his ‘business’? What does it suggest about how Marley is changed in death?


11A and 11B Reading Homework Due 8th January

1 -Story of the Door

2 – Search for Mr Hyde

Read Chapter 1 and 2 of Jekyll and Hyde.

Task 1: Summarise the two chapters using the plot fill.

Chapter 1 – Summary

Mr Utterson is a dull but ‘loveable’ lawyer who people get help from when they are in __________ He is friends with a cousin, Enfield, and goes on regular walks with him on Sundays. One Sunday, they pass a dirty __________ in a poor area. Enfield tells Utterson a story about the door and the man who lives behind it. He says he saw a small, revolting man __________ a small __________ of eight at 3am in the morning. A crowd, led by Enfield, confronted the man and forced him to pay __________ in compensation. The man gave them a cheque which we learn at the very end of the chapter was signed by __________   __________ a very __________ person: no one believed that the cheque was __________ but later found out it was. Utterson is worried that Jekyll is being __________ by Mr Hyde.

Chapter 2: Summary

Mr Utterson, the lawyer, is troubled by the __________ that Henry Jekyll has written because it hands everything over to __________ if Jekyll dies or disappears for more than three months. Utterson visits Dr. Lanyon, a friend of Jekyll’s, to find out more, but discovers that Lanyon has __________ __________ with Jekyll over the ‘unscientific’ experiments Jekyll has been conducting. That night, Utterson suffers from nightmares. In one nightmare, he sees the figure of the man who trampled on the girl, and in another nightmare, the same figure approaches the sleeping Jekyll and makes Jekyll do what he wants. This figure has no __________ . On waking, Utterson is determined to find out what Hyde looks like so he spends his spare time standing by the door where Hyde lives. Eventually, one night, Hyde arrives and Utterson asks to look at his face: Hyde shows him it and then gives Utterson his __________ . Utterson realises that Hyde is thinking about the will and is frightened for Jekyll. When he goes to visit Jekyll, we realise something Utterson has known for a while – that the house that Hyde lives in is actually the laboratory attached to the back of Jekyll’s house. Utterson finds that Jekyll is out, and learns from the butler, Poole, that Hyde has a __________ to Jekyll’s laboratory and the servants have orders to __________ him. Utterson leaves feeling very worried that Hyde is blackmailing Jekyll.

Task 2: Consolidation of Understanding – Answer these as fully as possible using quotations to support your understanding as far as possible

Chapter 1 questions:

  1. What type of person is Mr Utterson?
  2. Why do Enfield and Utterson go for a walk together every Sunday?
  3. What was of interest about the door that Enfield tells the story about?
  4. What did the door look like? What is the significance of the door?
  5. Why and how did the crowd manage to get Hyde to write the girl’s family a cheque? What was odd about the cheque?
  6. What is strange about Mr Hyde, according to Enfield?

Chapter 2 questions:

  1. Why is Utterson so upset about Jekyll’s will?
  2. Why does Utterson visit Lanyon? Why has Lanyon lost interest in Jekyll as a scientist?
  3. What is Utterson worried about and what does he dream about?
  4. What steps does Utterson take to find Mr Hyde?
  5. Why does Hyde accuse Utterson of lying to him?
  6. Why does Utterson visit Jekyll immediately after seeing Hyde?
  7. Why is Utterson even more worried about Jekyll at the end of the chapter?