11PA Lesson Plans: Feb – May 2019

11PA GCSE Drama Revision Lesson Planner – COMPLETE

Try not to lose your printed copy of this but it is attached here if you do.

Remember that all homework will also be put on show my homework.


11PA – Drama Revision for Mocks


Please use the playlist above to revise for the exam for DNA.

Can I also suggest you buy, if possible, the CGP GCSE Drama Play guide for DNA.  I bought one on amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Grade-GCSE-Drama-Play-Guide/dp/1782949631/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1541248092&sr=8-6&keywords=gcse+drama+revision+guide

Live Theatre Review: Remember that you CANNOT USE DNA for this!

If the mock takes place after the 4th December we can use Box of Delights, otherwise, please re-watch ‘Things I know to be true’ on digitaltheatreplus.com and consider carefully:

Performance skills in key scenes

Design Elements: Lighting, sound, music, set, costume and make up.

The booklet here will be used for Box of Delights and you should also complete it as revision for Things I Know to be True. Evaluation of live performance -notes booklet