English Homework-Mrs. Cullis-8BY- Due Thursday 20th September 2018

Write a paragraph to explain how events occurring in 1940s Russia influenced George Orwell’s writing of the allegorical novel ‘Animal Farm’.


Research homework- Mrs. Bradbury- 8BX- Due Tuesday 25th September 2018

Research the following  and present your findings as a spider diagram:

  1.  Karl Marx
  2. Leon Trotsky.
  3. Josef Stalin
  4. Propaganda
  5. The Russian Orthodox Church.
  6. Russian laborers and workers.

CHALLENGE: Who are each of these figures represented by in Animal Farm?



AO3 – Reading Homework – year 9 and 10 – Due Monday 9th October

Research interesting facts about how the Victorians celebrated Christmas, using these websites;




Answer these questions, with FULL responses:

1.What food or drink was commonly present during Victorian Christmas celebrations?

2.What did people usually do on Christmas day in the mid to late 19th century?

3.What Victorian traditions still exist in our Christmas celebrations today?

4.What presents were commonly given?