Years 7-9 – How to answer all of the Qs on your exam

Read the document thoroughly.  ensure that you pay close attention to what you do in each question and how long it should take you.

Paper 1 Overview

Some of you may find it useful to learn some of these sentence stems for each question.

Language Paper 1 Sentence stems

There are some additional practice papers attached below:

The Woman in Black INSERT Paper 1 RB

The Woman in Black Paper 1 RB

AQA Paper 1 Section A To Kill a Mockingbird extract MLy


9D Homework Due Monday 5th June

Homework (Will help with revision for exams!): Writing AO5 & AO6

  • Write a short story called ‘The Hallucination’. The cause of your character’s hallucination must be one of those mentioned in the article.

Success Criteria:

  • Your handwriting must be legible.
  • Ensure that you write in a manner that is in keeping with the tone.
  • Use an extensive vocabulary.
  • Use a range of structural features.
  • Use a full range of sentences.


  • When you have your books back, go through and correct any mistakes and answer any questions that I have left.
  • Read back through the information sheet on The Role of Women that is in your book, and summarise each section into one sentence.


3) Add to your Macbeth vocabulary page, with the definition of these terms, and learn them for spelling test on Monday 16th.

  1. Chivalry
  2. Cowardice
  3. Conflict
  4. Desire
  5. Soliloquy
  6. Superstition
  7. Tyranny
  8. Usurp
  9. Villainy
  10. Catharsis​