11BX – GCSE exampod assignment

To help you complete your Macbeth Essay MRIs, please go to gcsepod.com and complete the assignment.   You can also use this playlist to help you understand Macbeth moving forward.




Macbeth Revision: Wish List

Knowledge Organisers:

Macbeth Knowledge Organiser KS4 Page 5 Macbeth Grade 8 and 9 knowledge organiser 

Quotations!!!!  I gave you the  best ones to remember for this and J&H yesterday that you were supposed to analyse and revise – I can’t learn them for you.  They are also in your PLC. I have put them below again:  Key Macbeth quotes linked to images and themes

Macbeth Key Quotations

Macbeth and J&H Quotations to know

Page 4 Macbeth quotations PLC

If you are worried about not understanding the language: http://nfs.sparknotes.com/macbeth/

Revision Videos:

To analyse Quotations:   Language and structure  Structure of Macbeth

Macduff Quotations and analysis: Macduff as a loyal character – Revision

Plot Revision: Macbeth Scene by Scene  Macbeth Key Passages

Character and Context Revision: Macbeth Revision Booklet

Themes Revision: Themes Themes1

Exam Questionsmacbeth possible Qs  Macbeth exam question planning workbook  Macbeth Essay Plan Starters

Exam Questions with high level vocabulary to incorporate:  Appearance vs reality MLyBanquo changing relationship MLyBattles theme MLyDisruption of natural order MLyIdeas about Witchcraft MLyLady M as a weak woman MLyLady M as dominant partner MLyLady M confident MLyLady M Fiend-like Queen MLyLM doubts and fears MLyMacbeth Banquo relationship MLyMacbeth Daring MLyMacbeth doubts fears MLyMacbeth victim supernatural MLyMasculinity in the play MLy


Year 11 Revision Resources – Literature

A few of you have asked for some additional revision tasks.  I have put a few for each literature topic below.

AQA English Literature

P&C Poetry:

Power and Conflict Challenge Grids

Unseen Poetry:

Unseen Poetry Guide

AQA LitP2C Unseen poetry war

AQA LitP2C Unseen poetry love

AQA LitP2C Unseen poetry childhood

An Inspector Calls

AIC Revision Tasks

Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde Revision Tasks

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol Revision Exercise

ACC revision tasks


Macbeth- Short Revision Activities