Quotation homework- Mrs. Marshall- 11D- Due Monday 22nd October 2018

Learn the 5 quotations from the booklet for this week.


Quotation Work – 11BX

Week 1: Christmas in ‘A Christmas Carol’

Revise Quotations 1, 2, 5, 8. 10

Quotation Who said it?
1.       “Every idiot who goes about with a ‘Merry Christmas’ on his lips should be boiled in his own pudding” Scrooge, Stave 1
2.       “What’s Christmas but a time for paying bills with no money, for finding yourself another year older and not an hour richer” Scrooge, Stave 1
3.       “I’ve always thought of Christmas as a good time; a kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant time” Fred, Stave 1
4.       “A time when men and women open their shut-up hearts freely” Fred, Stave 1
5.       “It has done me good, and will do me good, and I say God bless it!” Fred, Stave 1
6.       “Keep it? But you don’t keep it!” Fred, Stave 1
7.       There sat a jolly Giant…who bore a torch, in shape not unlike Plenty’s horn” Narrator on GOC Present, Stave 3
8.       “But they were happy, grateful, pleased with one another, and contented with the time” Narrator on Cratchits, Stave 3
9.       “Brave in ribbons” Narrator on Mrs Cratchit, Stave 3
10.   “I will honour Christmas in my heart” Scrooge, Stave 4

Week 2: The Power of Nature

Choose 5 to explode and learn all ten.

Quotation Which poem?
1.       “Round the decay of that colossal wreck” Ozymandias
2.       “Nothing beside remains.” Ozymandias
3.       “A huge peak, black and huge” The Prelude
4.       “Upreared its head” The Prelude
5.       “Pummels your house” Storm on the Island
6.       “Spits like a tame cat turned savage” Storm on the Island
7.       “Space is a salvo, we are bombarded by the empty air” Storm on the Island
8.       “The merciless iced-east winds that knive us” Exposure
9.       “Pale flakes with fingering stealth come feeling for our faces” Exposure
10.   “He must have looked down at the little fishing boats, strung out like bunting” Kamikaze

10Bx and 10By Quotation HW


‘An Inspector Calls’ quote search – Act 1

Find a quotation (or two) from the text to support the following points/ideas. Examine each one for language, structure and links to context.

  1. Mrs Birling’s views on a woman’s role in society.
  2. Mr Birling’s feelings on having Gerald as a son-in-law.
  3. How Mr Birling sees himself (repeated).
  4. Mr Birling’s predictions.
  5. Hints that there may be trouble ahead (dramatic irony).
  6. Mr Birling’s views on an individual’s role in society.
  7. Mr Birling’s opinion of socialism.
  8. Inspector Goole’s description of Eva’s death (repeated).
  9. Mr Birling’s justification of sacking Eva.
  10. Gerald’s comments on what Mr Birling did to Eva.