Year 9/10 Reading Task – Half Term – Due Tuesday 31st October

Hopefully you all have bought a copy of the text now.  However if you don’t a link to an online copy is below.


  • Read Stave 3 of A Christmas Carol.
  • You will be tested on your understanding of this after half term.

To help you, here is a link to an online revision guide.



Year 11 – Reading Task Half Term – Due Tuesday 31st October

Your task is to re-read An Inspector Calls. You will be tested on your knowledge of this after half term in preparation for your mock examinations in November.

If you do not have your own copy of the text, we strongly advise you to get one.  However there is a copy here:



  • Themes
  • Plot
  • Character
  • Context

AO3 – Reading Homework – year 9 and 10 – Due Monday 9th October

Research interesting facts about how the Victorians celebrated Christmas, using these websites;

Answer these questions, with FULL responses:

1.What food or drink was commonly present during Victorian Christmas celebrations?

2.What did people usually do on Christmas day in the mid to late 19th century?

3.What Victorian traditions still exist in our Christmas celebrations today?

4.What presents were commonly given?

9A and 10BX & Y Quotations – Due Wednesday 4th October

  1. “Every idiot who goes around with Merry Xmas on his lips… should be buried with a stake of holly through his heart”
  2. “Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?”
  3. “If they would rather die, they had better do it and decrease the surplus population”
  4. “It’s not my business”
  5. “A solitary child, neglected by his friends, is left there still – Scrooge sobbed.”

Learn each quotation.  For each quotation, analyse it for language and for what it suggests about Scrooge.