8BY and 7D – Spellings

Spellings task:

  1. Log onto SAM Learning.
  2. Complete the tasks set.
  3. There are spelling revision activities to complete.
  4. I will test you on some of these words next week.

Due: Wednesday 21st March.


9A Spellings – Due Wednesday 21st

Learn numbers 1-10 for Wednesday 21st and 11-21 for after Easter.

Please make sure you have the definitions learned and you know what word type it is.

  1. Utilitarian
  2. Futuristic
  3. Inequality
  4. Control
  5. Society
  6. Dictatorship
  7. Tolerance
  8. Intolerance
  9. Bigotry
  10. Dystopia
  11. Utopia
  12. Justice
  13. Injustice
  14. Constrict
  15. Protocol
  16. Equality
  17. Political
  18. Minority
  19. Majority
  20. Prejudice
  21. Government


Spellings – 10BX and 11A – Due Wednesday 14th March

As there are 4 marks for SPaG for An Inspector Calls, the following words are important and useful ones to spell accurately.  For each one, look up the meaning if you do not know it and consider how it links to An Inspector Calls.

  1. callous
  2. confession
  3. conscience
  4. Priestley
  5. etiquette
  6. exploited
  7. hoax
  8. analepsis
  9. hyperbole
  10. hypocrisy


8BY – learn for retest on Monday


Imperative verb meaning listen.


Verb meaning to disappear and fade.


Abstract noun meaning wisdom, insight and knowledge.


Noun meaning ideas and guesses.


Adverb meaning to speak or act violently, heatedly and intensely.


Abstract noun meaning to scorn and mock someone/something


Noun meaning concealment, disguise and dishonesty.

10BX and 10BY Spellings – Due Wednesday 31st January

The following spellings are important vocabulary for your study of An Inspector Calls.

Please find out the meaning, write out the definition and if possible suggest how it links for AIC from your study so far.

  1. Omniscient
  2. Hypocrisy
  3. Portentous
  4. Vindictive
  5. Misogyny
  6. Infantilsied
  7. Business
  8. Responsibility
  9. Unsympathetic
  10. Haughty