Year 11 – Language Paper 1 Revision

Read through this booklet.  It will take you through all of the different questions and how to answer them with examples. Edexcel Language – Paper 1 booklet

Read some more 19th Century Fiction: Apply the processes and then start to analyse language and structure. 19th Century Anthology

Watch these revision videos:

Answer these practice questions: Ligeia-Mock-Extract-and-Paper

Miss Havisham Practice Questions

Practice Paper 1

Silas Marner – Paper 1 Practice paper to revise with



Year 11 Revision Sessions with Mrs Pearson next week.

Monday Lunch: Unseen Poetry (open to all)
Tuesday Lunch: An Inspector Calls (11D only)
Wednesday Lunch: Macbeth Extract analysis
Thursday Before School: P&C Poetry (open to all – bring your anthologies)
Thursday Lunch: Macbeth Key Knowledge (open to all)
Thursday after school: No revision 3:30-4pm due to Grease auditions
Friday Lunch: Jekyll and Hyde Key Knowledge (11B, 11D, and 11E)
Please ask your English teacher for any other sessions taking place.
Mrs P.

Mrs Cullis’ classes

Spellings for 7A For Monday 23rd January

  1. Freight
  2. Neighbour
  3. Xenophobia
  4. angriest
  5. creepiest
  6. hairiest
  7. classiest
  8. shallower
  9. chewiest
  10. crueller

Spellings for 8C For Monday 23rd January

  1. Accept
  2. Except
  3. Brake
  4. Break
  5. Were
  6. We’re
  7. Where
  8. Unintentional
  9. Unnecessary
  10. Insufficient

Spellings for Year 9C for Tuesday 24th January

  1. Atrocious
  2. Malicious
  3. Ferocious
  4. Gracious
  5. Luscious
  6. Precious
  7. Spacious
  8. Suspicious
  9. Unconscious
  10. Subconscious