Year 11 Revision Resources

Please use the resources below to help you to revise ready for Monday morning.



An Inspector Calls Revision Powerpoints


An Inspector Calls Revision Teaching Power Point




Year 11 Revision Guide for the Mocks

Attached is a guide for all of the exams that you will sit for English for the mocks.

It should help you to effectively revise.

However, there are tasks for you to complete.  You can’t just read it and hope for the best. Be active.

Revision Guide for the Mocks


Year 9, 10 and 11 Writing Homework – Due 6th November



Success Criteria:

Use the Raise your game facts. You could also use the ‘Prison, me – no way!’ talk from a couple of years ago.

Ensure that it is a Speech
• a clear address to an audience• effectively linked sections

• phrases that make it clear that an audience is being addressed

• a clear sign off e.g. ‘Thank you for listening’.

Write to persuade
• formal• the introduction and main body only include your point of view

• evidence / statistics

• present tense

• modal verbs: could / should / would / may

• phrases to add information: also / in addition / furthermore

• causal conjunctions

• the conclusion states your view again and says what should happen now

Remember TECHNICAL Accuracy:

  • Remember to paragraph your work.
  • Use full stops and capital letters.
  • Try to use ambitious vocabulary.

Year 11 – Reading Task Half Term – Due Tuesday 31st October

Your task is to re-read An Inspector Calls. You will be tested on your knowledge of this after half term in preparation for your mock examinations in November.

If you do not have your own copy of the text, we strongly advise you to get one.  However there is a copy here:



  • Themes
  • Plot
  • Character
  • Context

Spoken English Preparation over the weekend – Year 11A, B and C

Speaking and listening topics

Spoken Language – Lessons for scheme

Please make sure that you are ready for your appointment on either Monday or Wednesday.

If you are not sure when your appointment is, please ask your English teacher.

Remember that you should speak for 3-4 minutes and then answer questions for 3-4 minutes.

The mark scheme is on the attached powerpoint.

11D and 11E will complete their appointment after half term.