10PA and 11PA – Live Theatre Review Reminders

You need to log onto digitaltheatreplus.com

Re-watch ‘Things I know to be True’

Look closely at the resources: https://franticassembly.co.uk/resources

Then complete the word document:

Exemplar live theatre review notes updated



Year 11 Revision Resources – Literature

A few of you have asked for some additional revision tasks.  I have put a few for each literature topic below.

AQA English Literature

P&C Poetry:

Power and Conflict Challenge Grids

Unseen Poetry:

Unseen Poetry Guide

AQA LitP2C Unseen poetry war

AQA LitP2C Unseen poetry love

AQA LitP2C Unseen poetry childhood

An Inspector Calls

AIC Revision Tasks

Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde Revision Tasks

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol Revision Exercise

ACC revision tasks


Macbeth- Short Revision Activities

Year 9, 10 and 11 – Writing HW – Due Monday 19th March


Language Paper 1: Question 5

Descriptive Writing

Write a description as suggested by this picture:


  • Panoramic – describe the scene, broadly. Introduce the time and atmosphere.
  • Zoom – focus your lens in on one segment of the image (draw a box)
  • Single line – emphasise the key feeling of your description in one line, apart from the text. BE DRAMATIC!
  • Shift – focus your lens on another segment of the image (draw a box)
  • Shift – focus your lens on another segment of the image (draw a box)
  • Panoramic – zoom out to look at the scene as a whole, how has it changed given the new perspective?


You must include:

  • a range of linguistic devices
  • a range of punctuation
  • ambitious vocabulary
  • varied structural features.
  • Paragraphs
  • Plan before you write. Consider what you need to include (specifically) and where you will include it; create a tick list.