Year 9 and 10

The BBC have published some great images of the first illustrations for A Christmas Carol.

Have a look:


Year 9 and 10 Reading HW

Read the essay below and highlight 7 pieces of important information

This essay provides some additional insights into A Christmas Carol.  It shouldn’t take long.  There is a challenge task at the bottom. Please print in the resource centre at school.

Year 9, 10 and 11Writing Homework – Due Monday 4th December


Success Criteria:

  • Research 5 facts about how Christmas is treated today
  • Use high level vocabulary
  • Write it as an article
  • Use full and varied punctuation
  • Use the language techniques referenced – if you don’t know what they are, ask your teacher or better still, look them up!

Year 9 and 10 Reading Homework

Task – Read the extract carefully

Question: How does Will Crooks use language to try to convey his disgust at the conditions of the workhouse? (12 marks)

You would need to look for:

  • specific language techniques
  • the impact of individual words and phrases
  • Sentences only if relevant

The main thing to think about in each paragraph is: What (What language), How (quotation), Why (Effect on reader and the writer’s intention).

Paper 2 non-fic workhouse ACC – Reading Homework – Lang2 Q3

Top Tips from the Exam Board:

  • You must analyse the effects of the language.  Without this, you will gain very few marks.
  • The clear message is that the subject terms can only ever enhance the language analysis and cannot replace it. The best responses explore in detail the effect of specific words and phrases.
  • Only analyse at a sentence level if you are sure they have something pertinent to say.
  • When analysing the impact of individual words, make sure your analysis is in context e.g analysing the word in terms of its relevance in the quote

Mrs Bradbury’s Classes – Quotes and spelling homeworks

Year 7- Due 8th November

1. Auschwitz
2. Concentration
3. Extraordinary
4. Dismissive
5. Interrupt
6. Exception
7. Apparently
8. Resign
9. Chaos
10. Antipathy
Year 8

1. Helmet





6. Incurable




10. Coughing

Year 9/10- Due 8th November
1. I am sorry for him; I couldn’t be angry with him if I tried. Who suffers by his ill whims! Himself, always.
2. The children drank the toast after her. It was the first of their proceedings which had no heartiness.
3. A jolly giant who bore a glowing torch with a cheery voice and a joyful air
4. They are Man’s. This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want. Beware for I see that written which is Doom
5. He obeyed