English homework- Mrs. Marshall- 10BX- Due Monday 22nd October 2018

Complete an essay response to the following- ‘How does Priestley use language to present Eric in ‘An Inspector Calls’?


10BY – Plot Revision HW – Due Monday 8th October

Complete the quiz questions as a revision task to help you understandthe plot of ‘An Inspector Calls’

You will be tested on some of these on Monday 8th October.

Quick Quiz – Act 1

  1. What are the Birling family celebrating at the very start of the play?
  2. Why is Mr. Birling happy about his daughter’s situation?
  3. Which two claims does Mr. Birling make about historical events
  4. Which the audience would know was untrue?
  5. Which word describes Mrs. Birling early in the play?
  6. How is the inspector’s arrival announced?
  7. How does the inspector say Eva Smith committed suicide?
  8. How did Mr. Birling meet Eva Smith?
  9. Where does Sheila meet Eva?
  10. Which item of clothing looked better on Eva than on Sheila?
  11. What does Eva change her name to after being sacked from Milwards, according to the inspector?


Quick Quiz – Act 2

  1. Which character does the inspector start questioning at the start of Act Two?
  2. Where did Gerald first meet Eva/Daisy?
  3. Why did Eva/Daisy end up leaving Brumley? Where did she go?
  4. Where did Mrs. Birling meet Eva/Daisy?
  5. What did Eva/Daisy call herself when she first met Mrs.Birling?
  6. Mrs. Birling thought she was just being rude but why did Eva/Daisy give herself the name “Mrs. Birling” when she went to the organisation for help?
  7. Does Mrs. Birling accept responsibility for her actions?
  8. Whom does Mrs. Birling blame for the death of Eva Smith?
  9. Which award does Mr. Birling think he is due to receive? (He therefore doesn’t want any negative attention from the press.)
  10. Why didn’t Eva take the money she’d been offered by the father of her baby?

Quick Quiz – Act 3

  1. Who is the final character to be questioned by the inspector?
  2. What does Eric call his sister, Sheila, when she talks of his drinking habit?
  3. Where did Eric meet Eva/Daisy?
  4. Eva had a relationship with Eric and became pregnant by him but why didn’t she want to marry him?
  5. How much money did Eric give Eva? Where did it come from? How does Eric describe the relationship with his father?
  6. Whom does Eric blame for Eva’s death?
  7. Which two characters appear particularly distressed by their involvement in the chain of events?
  8. Who rings the Chief Constable to confirm Gerald’s suspicions that Inspector Goole isn’t a real inspector?
  9. What information is contained in the final phone call at the very end of the play?

 To help you please see below a full summary of the plot: AIC Plot summary and Questions

10BY STAR! Reading HW – Due Monday 24th September.

In your non-fiction booklets, please find the first article on page 2 ‘An Inspector Calls is poisonous, revisionist, propaganda’.

Read the article carefully.  Make sure that you look up any words that you do not understand.

The answer the question at the bottom: What is the writer’s perspective (opinion, point of view) of the play and the adaptation.

Write your answer using 4xSQUAD paragraphs.

Statementa point that answers the question. E.g. James Delingpole makes it clear from the outset of the article that he considers the play to be overated and left wing propaganda.

Quotation – Embed a quotation into a sentence that backs up your statement. E.g He argues that the play is a ‘load of manipulative, hysterical tosh’.

Analyse – Analyse the quotation for the writer’s methods.  E.g language devices or words that you can zoom in on. E.g. The personification of the play as manipulative is interesting as it almost seems to become Priestley’s mouthpiece.  Also the colloquial noun ‘tosh’ ridicules the play as a piece rubbish.

Development – explain how this shows the perspective.  Could you link this to another point. E.g. Through this list of faults, the writer is clearly positioning himself as someone unaffected by the message of the play and who finds it instead something to ridicule.

Please see me in plenty of time if you do not understand.

Mrs P