Year 10 – How to answer each question for language Paper 1

Read the document thoroughly.  ensure that you pay close attention to what you do in each question and how long it should take you.

Paper 1 Overview

These are the AIC Language Papers.  Feel free to complete as many as you can.

An Inspector Calls Language Paper 1 Revision

Some of you may find it useful to learn some of these sentence stems for each question.

Language Paper 1 Sentence stems

There are some additional practice papers attached below:

The Woman in Black INSERT Paper 1 RB

The Woman in Black Paper 1 RB

AQA Paper 1 Section A To Kill a Mockingbird extract MLy

Year 10 – An Inspector Calls Revision

Key Knowledge and Revision:

AIC Revision Tasks

An Inspector Calls Revision Teaching Power Point


Other revision:


An Inspector Calls – Useful Revision Links

Useful websites:

BBC Bitesize:

Youtube context documentary:

Mr Bruff analysis of stage directions:



Umbrella revision:

Andrew Moore’s revision guide:


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