11A Macbeth Revision and Quotations HW

  1. Log onto SAM Learning.
  2. Complete the tasks set.
  3. There is a Revision Task and a quotations task to complete.

Due: Wednesday 21st March.



Year 9, 10 and 11 – Writing HW – Due Monday 19th March


Language Paper 1: Question 5

Descriptive Writing

Write a description as suggested by this picture:


  • Panoramic – describe the scene, broadly. Introduce the time and atmosphere.
  • Zoom – focus your lens in on one segment of the image (draw a box)
  • Single line – emphasise the key feeling of your description in one line, apart from the text. BE DRAMATIC!
  • Shift – focus your lens on another segment of the image (draw a box)
  • Shift – focus your lens on another segment of the image (draw a box)
  • Panoramic – zoom out to look at the scene as a whole, how has it changed given the new perspective?


You must include:

  • a range of linguistic devices
  • a range of punctuation
  • ambitious vocabulary
  • varied structural features.
  • Paragraphs
  • Plan before you write. Consider what you need to include (specifically) and where you will include it; create a tick list.

Spellings – 10BX and 11A – Due Wednesday 14th March

As there are 4 marks for SPaG for An Inspector Calls, the following words are important and useful ones to spell accurately.  For each one, look up the meaning if you do not know it and consider how it links to An Inspector Calls.

  1. callous
  2. confession
  3. conscience
  4. Priestley
  5. etiquette
  6. exploited
  7. hoax
  8. analepsis
  9. hyperbole
  10. hypocrisy