Year 7 and 8 Reading Homework

Write about a key character in a novel that you have been reading.  Explain what their role is in the novel, some details about them and whether you like them as a character or not.

Due Monday 11th December.



Year 7 and 8 Writing Homework – due Monday 4th December

Some Christmas Carols are a little out of date. You task is to write at least three verses of a new Christmas carol about Christmas in the 21st century.

Make sure that you consider carefully what the message of your carol is. Perhaps it is about the reason that we celebrate Christmas, perhaps about how we might show others the Christmas spirit?

Success Criteria:

  • It must have a message
  • You should use high level vocabulary
  • You should use full punctuation
  • It doesn’t need to rhyme.

Christmas carolers

Year 7 and 8 Reading Homework – Due Monday 27th November

Read the extract and answer the questions in full sentences. Your teacher will direct you as to how many or which questions you should attempt.

Peter Pan: Text-focused questions

  1. What is unusual about the Darlings’ nanny?
  2. Nana is described as ‘prim’. What does this word mean? Write a definition.
  3. Find three more references in the text which present Nana in a similar manner to ‘prim’.
  4. Barrie writes that Nana ‘had belonged to no one in particular until the Darlings engaged her. She had always thought children important, however, and the Darlings had become acquainted with her in Kensington Gardens.’ How do the words ‘engaged’ and ‘acquainted’ help to make Nana seem a more appropriate nanny?
  5. Barrie writes ‘There is a room in the basement of Miss Fulsom’s school where the nurses wait.’ What tense is this written in, and how is this different from the rest of the extract? How does this help to make the story seem more realistic?
  6. What does the final sentence imply about the effect of Peter Pan’s arrival upon the Darling family?

Peter Pan by J M Barrie

Year 7 Reading Homework

Machine Gunners extract Q3 DIFF MLy

Y7 Paper 1A Machine Gunners extract

Please read the attached extract and questions.

All students should complete question 1.

Set A should complete questions 1, 2 and 3

Set BX and BY should complete questions 1 and 3

Set C and D can attempt other questions and should read how to complete them but do not have to complete them all.  Your teacher will tell you if you need to answer further questions.


Mrs Cullis Classes HW – Due Weds 18th October

Mrs. Cullis’s Classes Learning Homework for Wednesday 18th October

YEAR 11 Learn these quotations which all link to witches and their language.

  1. ‘Thrice the brindled cat hath mew’d’
  2. ‘Cool it with a baboon’s blood
  3. Then the charm is firm and good.’
  4. ‘’By the pricking of my thumbs,
  5. Something evil this way comes;’
  6. ‘You secret, black and midnight hags’


YEARS 9 and 10:

Learn the following quotations which are from Stave Three and about the Spirit of Christmas Present:

  1. ’The walls and ceiling were so hung with living green’.
  2. ‘A mighty blaze went roaring up the chimney’.
  3. ‘A glowing torch, not unlike Plenty’s horn.’
  4. ‘It was clothed in one simple green robe…bordered with white fur’.
  5. ‘Its capacious breast was bare’.
  6. ‘Its feet…were also bare.’
  7. ‘Its dark brown curls were long and free’.
  8. ‘ its genial face, its sparkling eyes, its open hand, its cheery voice, its unconstrained demeanour, and its joyful air’
  9. ‘in easy state upon this couch there sat a jolly giant’ 



YEAR 8BX Learn these spellings (and their meanings) from ‘Animal Farm’.

  1. Unanimously
  2. Prance
  3. Relentless
  4. Political
  5. Determined
  6. Blithely
  7. Ambush
  8. Compelled
  9. Appetite
  10. Triumph




  1. Coincide
  2. Increasingly
  3. Ignorant
  4. Lieutenant
  5. Dismissively
  6. Preferred
  7. Opportunity
  8. Opposite
  9. Incumbent
  10. Criticized