Years 7-9 – How to answer all of the Qs on your exam

Read the document thoroughly.  ensure that you pay close attention to what you do in each question and how long it should take you.

Paper 1 Overview

Some of you may find it useful to learn some of these sentence stems for each question.

Language Paper 1 Sentence stems

There are some additional practice papers attached below:

The Woman in Black INSERT Paper 1 RB

The Woman in Black Paper 1 RB

AQA Paper 1 Section A To Kill a Mockingbird extract MLy


Year 7 Grammar – Year 7, Week 7: Colons and Semi-Colons

Year 7, Week 7: Colons and Semi-Colons

Colons can be used to join two sentences together when the second sentence explains something about the first sentence.


  • Several people have been sent to hospital: they have all received life-threatening injuries.
  • Jordan had to go home: he had been voted out.

You can think of the colon as replacing the connective because if that helps you.

Semi-colons can also join two sentences. They need to be two equally important sentences that you feel you can connect together in some way.

I play football; I also play rugby.                                                        (and)

I play football; my brother plays rugby.                                             (whereas)

The teacher was already talking; I ran into the classroom.               (so)

You can think of the semi-colon replacing the connectives and, whereas and so if that helps you. Although a connective can be used in these examples, a semi-colon can make your writing more sophisticated and effective.

Capital letters after colons and semi-colons

In some forms of English, people use a capital letter after a colon or semi-colon and you may have seen this. You should only use a capital letter after a colon or a semi-colon if you would normally use a capital letter for it, even in the middle of a sentence e.g. a proper noun like ‘I’ or ‘David’.

Look at the two examples below:

I play football; I also play rugby.                    A capital letter would be needed anyway.

I play football; my brother plays rugby.         A capital letter is not needed.