Spelling homework-Mrs. Cullis-9BY-Due 10th October 2018

  1. Humble
  2. Constricted
  3. Fettled
  4. Transparent
  5. Quavering
  6. Transfixed
  7. Girdled
  8. Luxuriant



Spelling Homework-Mrs Bradbury- 9BY- Due Monday 24th September 2018

Learn the following spellings and their meanings for a test:

  1. intimation- a suggestion
  2. morose- a bleak outlook  or attitude
  3. impropriety- something improper or inappropriate
  4. resolute- a determined outlook
  5. homage- to pay public respect or honour something
  6. ominous- to give an impression of doom or imply bad things will happen
  7. facetious-to treat something serious with a deliberate lack of care
  8. solitude- to be alone
  9. misanthropic- disliking people in general and having an anti-social bad attitude
  10. phenomenon-a fact or situation which is unexplained


Year 9, 10 and 11 – Writing HW – Due Monday 19th March


Language Paper 1: Question 5

Descriptive Writing

Write a description as suggested by this picture:


  • Panoramic – describe the scene, broadly. Introduce the time and atmosphere.
  • Zoom – focus your lens in on one segment of the image (draw a box)
  • Single line – emphasise the key feeling of your description in one line, apart from the text. BE DRAMATIC!
  • Shift – focus your lens on another segment of the image (draw a box)
  • Shift – focus your lens on another segment of the image (draw a box)
  • Panoramic – zoom out to look at the scene as a whole, how has it changed given the new perspective?


You must include:

  • a range of linguistic devices
  • a range of punctuation
  • ambitious vocabulary
  • varied structural features.
  • Paragraphs
  • Plan before you write. Consider what you need to include (specifically) and where you will include it; create a tick list.